1 Phase Smart Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

  • Micro-processor technology control system
  • Intelligent control software
  • Full integration of outstanding features out of other automatic voltage stabilizers
  • High stability and accuracy.
  • Perfect protection feature.
  • Modern design


MODEL : CF2-P-90-1 | CF2-P-50-1

Frequency : 48Hz – 62Hz

Capacity : 1KVA to 30KVA

Input Voltage : 90V to 250V | 50V to 250V

Output Voltage : 110V ± 2%; 220V ± 2%

Display : Voltage and Current Display with high accuracy multi-functional electronic meter, integrated with error alert feature and the machine’s working status report on the meter.

Over Current Protection : Intelligent system for over current protection at multi-level: Rated current of more than 110%, power cut off after 20 seconds (s); Rated current of more than 150%, power cut off after 10s; Rated current of more than 200%, power cut off after 5s

Over Voltage Protection : Intelligent Over-voltage Protection: Output voltage is: higher than 250V, power cut off after 5s; higher than 260V, power cut off after 3s; higher than 270V, power cut off after 2s; higher than 280V, power cut off immediately. When the machine has just been started, if the output voltage is too high (more than 270V), the power shall not be on.

Shock Voltage Protection : The auto-reset system automatically returns the carbon brush to a safe position, preventing electric shock to the load

Response time against 10% Input voltage deviation : 0,2s to 1s

Control system : Micro-control technology with intelligent control software, which allows to equipe the machine with cutting-edge features.

Transformer type : Toroidal transformer which low waste

Insulation resistance : > 3MΩ

Ambient Temperature : Working environment at 0oC to 40oC

Allowable Humidity : Allows working environment with humidity of less than 90%.

Efficiency : Allows working environment with humidity of less than 90%.

Machine’s cover : Static painted steel sheet


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