1 Phase E Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

– Safe Start: When switching, Auto-reset system will ensure the machine start at safest mode. Then the machine will work to reach 220V before energize to protect load from voltage shock in any boot case, especially the voltage sensitive load.
– Over current protection: The machine is over current protected by Automat.


Optimal design and integrated features ensure stability, safety for electrical devices.
  1. Stability and high accuracy: A specially designed control circuit allows the output voltage to be more stable than other automatic voltage stabilizers in the market (same type).
  2. Intelligent Protection Feature: Voltage controller is integrated, the machine only energize after output current is stable (after 10s). When input voltage is higher beyond the machine’s stabilizing ability (more than 280V), the machine shall automatically cut off to protect electrical devices, when input voltage decrease at permitted level, the machine automatically turn on again.


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